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Paper: Photometric Variability of Magnetic White Dwarfs
Volume: 469, 18th European White Dwarf Workshop (EUROWD12)
Page: 429
Authors: Lawrie, K. A.; Burleigh, M. R.; Brinkworth, C. S.; Marsh, T. R.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Baker, D. E. A.; Cossins, P.; Littlejohns, O. M.; Scott, A. E.; Steele, P. R.
Abstract: We present our survey results searching for photometric variability and rotation periods of 77 magnetic white dwarfs (MWDs). The sample consists of 24 bright (V < 16), isolated MWDs and 53 MWDs (r′ < 18.5) discovered spectroscopically by SDSS. Observations were taken with the 2.5 m Isaac Newton Telescope, La Palma. We determine well-defined periods for 12 stars (16% of the sample) and variability but with poorly constrained periods in a further 13 targets (17%). A period of 7.72 days is found for LHS 5064, the second longest measured for an isolated MWD. Where periods of variability have been determined, the magnetic field strength, temperature, mass and age of the white dwarf have been compared to determine whether any physically interesting correlations emerge.
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