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Paper: Young Massive Clusters and Their Relation to Star Formation
Volume: 470, 370 Years of Astronomy in Utrecht
Page: 287
Authors: Bastian, N.
Abstract: The formation of massive stellar clusters is intricately linked to star formation on local and global scales. All actively star forming galaxies are forming clusters, and the local initial conditions likely determining whether bound massive clusters or unbound associations are formed. Here, we focus on observed scaling relations between cluster populations and the properties of the host galaxy. In particular, we discuss the relations between the fraction of U-band light from clusters vs. their host galaxy as well as the brightest cluster vs. population size and host galaxy star formation rate (SFR). We also discuss the fraction of stellar mass formed within bound clusters within the Galaxy, nearby dwarf galaxies, as well as starbursts and mergers. Bound clusters appear to represent ∼ 10% of star formation within most galaxies, although there are intriguing hints that this fraction systematically increases in galaxies with higher star formation rate surface densities. Throughout the review we highlight potential avenues for future study.
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