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Paper: Seeing the Cores of Active Galaxies in the Sharpest Detail
Volume: 300, Radio Astronomy at the Fringe
Page: 211
Authors: Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Rickett, B.J.; Bignall, H.E.; Jauncey, D.L.; Lovell, J.E.J.; Tzioumis, A.K.; Macquart, J.-P.
Abstract: Only the smallest and hottest radio sources “twinkle”, or scintillate, when observed through the ionized interstellar medium of our Galaxy. We describe how observations of interstellar scintillation (ISS) can be used to learn about the inner regions of AGN, BL Lacs and quasars. We demonstrate the use of scintillation to model the microarcsecond scale components of several sources in both total and polarized flux density. At present such resolution cannot be obtained with any other direct imaging instruments, and is almost 100 times better than can be achieved with Space VLBI.
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