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Paper: Precision Observational Asteroseismology Using Kepler Spacecraft Data
Volume: 481, 6th Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 45
Authors: Reed, M.; Foster, H.
Abstract: The Kepler spacecraft has been constantly observing the same stars since March, 2010 and at this point, nearly 3 years of data are archived for more than a dozen pulsating sdB stars. With better than a 90% duty cycle, and a new observation every minute, more than a million data points per star are available for examination. In this paper, we discuss a few highlights from these data for sdB pulsators, indicating the precision of the measurements and including multiple methods for constraining pulsation modes. These Kepler data represent a shift from observationally underconstrained models to precision observational asteroseismology to which models will struggle to match.
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