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Paper: Results from the Arizona-Montréal Spectroscopic Program: A Detailed Look at the He Abundance Pattern in Hot Subdwarfs
Volume: 481, 6th Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 83
Authors: Fontaine, G.; Green, E.; Brassard, P.; Latour, M.; Chayer, P.
Abstract: We report on our preliminary determination of the atmospheric He abundance pattern in hot subdwarf stars on the basis of a highly homogeneous approach using a large sample of spectra. Our survey covers the domain 4.5 ≤ log g ≤ 6.5, 20,000 ≤ Teff ≤ 75,000 K, and –6 ≤ log He/H ≤ +4. That pattern is both complex and fascinating.
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