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Paper: Subdwarf B Star Rotation
Volume: 481, 6th Meeting on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects
Page: 133
Authors: Lynas-Gray, A.
Abstract: A transfer of angular momentum from the core to envelope is understood to occur in red giants as evolution up the Red Giant Branch proceeds. As a consequence, any subdwarf-B star which had a red giant progenitor may be expected to be a slow rotator; KIC 010139564 could be an object of this kind as it is known to have a long rotation period of 25.6±1.8 days, determined from the rotation splitting of nonradial modes. As rotation splitting of nonradial modes will not be resolved in every case, it is proposed in the present paper that subdwarf-B star rotation periods might be determined from the pulsation amplitude variations of these modes, caused by beating between closely spaced but unresolved rotation splitting. Any successful determination of a substantial number of subdwarf-B star rotation rates could, when linked to progenitor red giant core rotation rates, provide a further constraint on binary population synthesis models.
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