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Paper: Getting Under a CME's Skin
Volume: 484, Outstanding Problems in Heliophysics: From Coronal Heating to the Edge of the Heliosphere
Page: 30
Authors: de Koning, C. A.
Abstract: We present a new reconstruction technique for investigating the internal and global structure of a coronal mass ejection (CME). This technique, which we call CME Hull&Innards from Polarimetric Imaging (CHI-PI or χ–π), uses Thomson-scattered polarization measurements to locate CME structures in three-dimensional space, along with total brightness measurements to characterize the mass distribution of these structures. We apply χ–π reconstruction to the CME of 2008 December 12. Preliminary results clearly indicate sub-structure within the CME. There is also evidence for a lower-density cavity that may be associated with the CME's internal magnetic field.
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