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Paper: The Energetics and Apparent Superluminal Motions of Extragalactic Radio Sources
Volume: 300, Radio Astronomy at the Fringe
Page: 219
Authors: Burbidge, G.
Abstract: A critical discussion is given of the ideas that have been developed to explain the very large energies which are emitted from active galaxies and QSOs. It is likely that the flux of energy observed to be emitted from the nuclei of galaxies is generated at a much lower efficiency than the canonical 10% often assumed in the conversion of gravitational energy to whatever flux is seen. In section 4 it is shown that there is good observational evidence suggesting that many of the compact radio sources which show large apparently superluminal speeds are likely to be associated with low redshift spiral galaxies. If this is correct, the observed velocities, while they are only mildly relativistic, are comparable to those detected in low redshift radio galaxies like Centaurus A and M87 and in “microquasars” in our own Galaxy.
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