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Paper: Resolving the Extragalactic Background Light with Multi-field Deep ALMA Data
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 21
Authors: Fujimoto, S.; Ouchi, M.; Ono, Y.; Shibuya, T.; Ishigaki, M.; Momose, R.
Abstract: We explore the origin of the faint submilimeter (submm) - mm emission (< 0.1 mJy) which is thought to contribute the previously un-resolved 50% of the extra-galactic background light (EBL) around mm by making full use of our latest ALMA cycle 2 and archival cycle 0-1 multi-field deep data. With > 100 pointings in Band 6 and 7, which is largest to date, we identify 87 faint ALMA sources down to ∼ 0.01 mJy (SFRIR∼ 5M yr–1). Combining the bright source studies in literatures, we derive reliable 1.2 mm number counts in the wide range of flux density, 0.01 - 10.0 mJy, which enables us to almost fully (75 - 145%) resolve the EBL.
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