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Paper: Constraints on the CO Luminosity Function at z∼1 Using ALMA Archival Data
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 61
Authors: Yamaguchi, Y.; Kohno, K.; Tamura, Y.; Matsuda, Y.
Abstract: We report the constraints on the CO luminosity function using ALMA Cycle 0 archival data. We use band 6 data taken toward a z=0.1832 lensing cluster, Abell 1689 (4.7 arcmin2), to produce a 3-dimensional cube with a 30-km s-1 resolution and to search for millimeter emission line galaxies using CLUMPFIND. We do not detect any emitters above 5σ (σ = 2.5 mJy beam-1). However, this result provides upper limits to the CO luminosity function down to φ<3.3×10–2 Mpc–3dex–1 at LVCO∼ 1.0×108 Jy kms–1 Mpc2. We also detect a 4σ candidate line emitter with SΔ V=0.894 Jy km s-1 and FWHM = 138 km s-1 at 241.03 GHz. The photometric redshift is z=0.853, which is estimated from optical/near-infrared data, suggesting the line may be 12CO(4-3) at z=0.913. The estimated molecular gas mass of this candidate indicates this candidate is extremely gas rich.
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