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Paper: Expected Evolution of Gas Fractions and Metallicity Against Observations
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 63
Authors: Bouché, N.; Blandin, S.
Abstract: Galaxies form stars with low efficiencies, as on average only 10% of the baryons are inside the haloes of galaxies. Galactic super-winds are often invoked to explain this fundamental problem in galaxy formation. Recently, galaxy scaling relations such as the main sequence between SFR and M* and the mass-metallicity relation (MZR) have opened new insights on understanding the balance between accretion and outflows. We show that the bathtub/regulator model can account for the MZR and the dependence of its scatter with specific SFR. Simultaneously measurements of gas fractions (with ALMA) and galaxy metallicities (with wide-field MOS spectrograph) will provide tight constraints on galaxy formation models.
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