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Paper: Spiral Arms in the Disk of HD 142527
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 273
Authors: Christiaens, V.; Casassus, S.; Pérez, S.; van der Plas, G.; Ménard, F.
Abstract: In view of its large gap, previously reported asymmetries and near-infrared (NIR) spiral arms, the transition disk of the Herbig Fe star HD 142527 constitutes a remarkable case study. Based on our ALMA observations of the disk and previous NIR images, we try to infer the origin of the observed spirals. Different scenarios, including the effect of the binary companion, unseen planets, disk self-gravity and tidal interaction by a stellar encounter, are discussed in order to constrain the origin of the spirals. We conclude that at least a combination of two of the considered scenarios are required to account for the large annular gap, the NIR spirals and all three CO spirals.
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