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Paper: Resolved ALMA Detections of [CII] Emission in Galaxies at z = 4.8
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 71
Authors: Williams, R.; De Breuck, C.; Maiolino, R.; Wagg, J.
Abstract: We investigate the spatially resolved [CII] emission in two systems at z∼ 4.8 detected using ALMA. In one of them, a powerful SMG, we find an extended reservoir of atomic gas out to ∼ 8 kpc, which, thanks to the high signal-to-noise ALMA observation, we are able to kinematically model as a rotating disk. The result shows a turbulent velocity field that is nevertheless dominated by rotation. Yet by constructing a spatially resolved map of the Toomre stability parameter we find that the entire disk is unstable and therefore we believe that we are tracing the gas fuelling the extremely high star formation rates also associated with the SMG. In the other system (a QSO-SMG interacting system) we investigate satellite galaxies whose [CII] emission shows drastically different properties with respect to the ionised gas tracers. We discuss the possible interpretations and the implications for our understanding of galaxy formation and assembly.
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