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Paper: The Molecular Gas Outflow of NGC 1068 Imaged by ALMA
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 103
Authors: García-Burillo, S.
Abstract: We have used the ALMA array to map the emission of a set of dense molecular gas tracers (CO(3–2), CO(6–5), HCN(4–3), HCO+(4–3), and CS(7–6)) in the central r∼2 kpc of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 1068 with spatial resolutions ∼0.3″–0.5″ (∼20–35 pc). The sensitivity and spatial resolution of ALMA give a detailed view of the distribution and kinematics of the dense molecular gas. The gas kinematics from r∼50 pc out to r∼400 pc reveal a massive outflow in all molecular tracers. The tight correlation between the ionized gas outflow, the radio jet, and the occurrence of outward motions in the disk suggests that the outflow is AGN driven. The outflow rate estimated in the CND, M/dt∼63+21–37 M yr-1, is an order of magnitude higher than the star formation rate at these radii. The molecular outflow could quench star formation in the inner r∼400 pc of the galaxy on short timescales of ≤1 Myr and regulate gas accretion in the CND.
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