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Paper: Molecular Gas Properties in M83 from PDFs
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 149
Authors: Egusa, F.; Hirota, A.; Baba, J.; Muraoka, K.
Abstract: We have obtained 12CO(1-0) data of the nearby barred spiral galaxy M83 from ALMA Cycle0 and Nobeyama 45m observations. Within the field of view, the galactic center and the bar regions are defined. A region outside the bar, called “other”, mostly consists of a spiral arm. We have created a probability distribution function (PDF) of the CO integrated intensity for each region and found that the PDF for the bar shows a bright-end tail while that for the “other” does not. Since the star formation efficiency is lower in the bar, this difference in the PDF shape is contrary to the trend in MW that the bright-end tail is found for star-forming molecular clouds. We deduce that this discrepancy is likely due to specific dynamical environments in the bar region.
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