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Paper: Testing the Generation of Jets in Young Stars with ALMA
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 219
Authors: Bacciotti, F.; Podio, L.; Codella, C.; Coffey, D.
Abstract: Jets are a crucial element in the star formation process, as they are thought to remove the excess angular momentum from the system. A firm detection of jet rotation could lend support to this statement. Jet rotation studies, however, are hindered by the requirement of simultaneous high spatial and spectral resolution, and as a matter of fact, the rotation interpretation is still debated. Soon, however, the improved spatial resolution of ALMA will allow us to firmly establish rotation patterns. At the same time the new ALMA polarimetric capabilities will permit the determination of the magnetic configuration in the system. The ALMA combined search for rotation properties and magnetic fields will be a powerful test of the proposed jet generation mechanisms.
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