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Paper: Cloud-Cloud Collision in the Galactic Center 50 km s-1 Molecular Cloud
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 249
Authors: Tsuboi, M.; Miyazaki, A.; Uehara, K.
Abstract: We identified a half-shell like feature with a high emission line ratio of T(SiO J=2–1)/T(H13CO+ J=1–0)∼6–8 and large velocity width in the Galactic Center 50 km s-1 molecular cloud, which is conspicuous in the Sgr A region and harbors an active star-forming site. These properties suggest that the feature is originated by a cloud-cloud collision. We analyzed the CS J=1–0 emission line data obtained by Nobeyama Millimeter Array to explore the molecular cloud cores in the cloud. The core mass function in the feature has a flat slope and is not truncated up to ∼2000M. This may a sign of massive star formation induced by the cloud-cloud collision.
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