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Paper: Radio Astronomy Tools in Python: Spectral-cube, pvextractor, and more
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 363
Authors: Ginsburg, A.; Robitaille, T.; Beaumont, C.; Rosolowsky, E.; Leroy, A.; Brogan, C.; Hunter, T.; Teuben, P.; Brisbin, D.
Abstract: The radio-astro-tools organization has been established to facilitate development of radio and millimeter analysis tools by the scientific community. The first packages developed under its umbrella are:
• The spectral-cube package, for reading, writing, and analyzing spectral data cubes
• The pvextractor package for extracting position-velocity slices from position-position-velocity cubes along aribitrary paths
• The radio-beam package to handle gaussian beams in the context of the astropy quantity and unit framework
• casa-python to enable installation of these packages - and any other - into users' CASA environments without conflicting with the underlying CASA package.
Community input in the form of code contributions, suggestions, questions and commments is welcome on all of these tools. They can all be found at
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