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Paper: The Height Dependence of Quiet-Sun Photospheric Temperature Fluctuations in Observations and Simulations
Volume: 354, Solar MHD Theory and Observations: A High Spatial Resolution Perspective
Page: 43
Authors: Koza, J.; Kucera, A.; Rybak, J.; Woehl, H.
Abstract: We derive rms temperature fluctuations as a function of height throughout the solar photosphere for the non-magnetic photosphere and a small area of enhanced magnetic activity, through semi-empirical inversion based on response functions of a 15-minute time sequence of 118″-long slit spectrograms taken at disk center. While the observed low photosphere shows small temperature fluctuations (about ≈ 50 K), the sub-photospheric layers and the upper photosphere show larger fluctuations, with similar gradients as in 3-D radiation-hydrodynamics simulations. However, the observed rms temperature fluctuations are lower than in the simulations at all depths, which we attribute to smearing by atmospheric seeing.
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