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Paper: The Variable Line Width of Achernar
Volume: 506, Bright Emissaries: Be Stars as Messengers of Star-Disk Physics
Page: 17
Authors: Rivinius, Th.; Townsend, R.H.D.; Baade, D.; Carciofi, A.C.; Leister, N.; ̌Stefl, S.
Abstract: Spectroscopic observations of Achernar over the past decades, have shown the photospheric line width, as measured by the rotational parameter v sin i, to vary in correlation with the emission activity. Here we present new observations, covering the most recent activity phase, and further archival data collected from the archives. The v sin i variation is confirmed. On the basis of the available data it cannot be decided with certainty whether the increased line width precedes the emission activity, i.e. is a signature of the ejection mechanism, or postdates it, which would make it a signature of re-accretion of some of the disk-material. However, the observed evidence leans towards the re-accretion hypothesis. Two further stars showing the effect of variable line width in correlation with emission activity, namely 66 Oph and π Aqr, are presented as well.
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