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Paper: Diagnostics of Quiet-Sun Magnetism
Volume: 354, Solar MHD Theory and Observations: A High Spatial Resolution Perspective
Page: 63
Authors: Khomenko, E.
Abstract: Most of our knowledge of solar surface magnetism comes from the analysis of polarization spectra. The Stokes spectra contain detailed information on the structure and dynamics of the magnetized photospheric plasma and its interaction with convection, i.e., magnetoconvection. The interpretation of high-resolution observations requires sophisticated techniques such as radiative transfer of polarized light in 3D model atmospheres. On the other hand, 3D magnetoconvection simulations include elaborate physics and are becoming sufficiently realistic to make predictions about the complex processes that take place in the Sun's magnetized atmosphere. This paper concentrates on the diagnostics of the magnetic fields in quiet solar photospheric regions outside sunspots and active regions. Until recently the influence of the magnetic field on the dynamics of these regions was considered unimportant. However, it turns out that a considerable amount of magnetic energy is probably stored in the “quiet” Sun. The issue of quiet solar magnetism remains open and is much debated in the literature.
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