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Paper: Magnetic Fields of Be Stars: Preliminary Results from a Hybrid Analysis of the MiMeS Sample
Volume: 506, Bright Emissaries: Be Stars as Messengers of Star-Disk Physics
Page: 207
Authors: Wade, G.A.; Petit, V.; Grunhut, J.H.; Neiner, C.; MiMeS Collaboration
Abstract: In the context of the MiMeS survey of magnetism in massive stars, 85 classical Be stars were observed in circular polarization with the aim of detecting magnetic fields at their surfaces. No direct evidence of such fields is found, in contrast to the significant rate of detection (5-10%) in non-Be B-type stars. In this paper we describe the sample properties, the methodology and the data quality. We describe a novel method, previously applied to Herbig Ae/Be stars, that allows us to infer upper limits on organized (dipolar) magnetic fields present in the photospheres of our targets. We review the characteristics and robustness of this null result, and discuss its implications.
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