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Paper: Supergranulation Scale Convection Simulations
Volume: 354, Solar MHD Theory and Observations: A High Spatial Resolution Perspective
Page: 92
Authors: Benson, D.; Stein, R.; Nordlund, A.
Abstract: Initial results are reported for 3D simulations of solar convection on a supergranular scale (48 Mm wide by 20 Mm deep). Results from several solar hours of simulation at the 48 Mm scale are available as well as 24 solar hours on the 24 Mm scale. Relaxation is rapid near the surface, but very slow at large depths and large horizontal scales. These simulations will help separate the role of the second Helium ionization zone from the effect of the increasing scale height with depth and will be of use in analyzing local helioseismic inversion techniques. Since Coriolis forces become significant on these spatio-temporal scales, f-plane rotation will be added to investigate the nature of the surface shear layer. Magnetic fields will also be added to study the development and maintenance of the magnetic network.
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