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Paper: The Inner Gaseous Disk Around the Herbig Be Star BD+65 1637
Volume: 506, Bright Emissaries: Be Stars as Messengers of Star-Disk Physics
Page: 291
Authors: Patel, P.; Sigut, T. A. A.; Landstreet, J. D.
Abstract: Herbig Be stars are massive, pre-main sequence stars that inherit a circumstellar disk of dust and gas from the star formation phase. The region close to the star is gaseous as dust is thought to evaporate due to high temperatures, and this region is currently poorly understood. Using the circumstellar disk codes BEDISK and BERAY, and observed spectra (3700 to 10,500 Å) from the ESPaDOnS instrument on CFHT, we are attempting to constrain the physical properties of this inner, gaseous region. By comparing synthetic line profiles of hydrogen and ionized metals with the observed line profiles, we hope to understand the geometry, density structure, and kinematics of the gaseous disk. Here, we present one such star in our study: BD+65 1637 (B2e).
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