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Paper: The KelPau Limit and Sources of Cosmic Rays
Volume: 300, Radio Astronomy at the Fringe
Page: 235
Authors: Kardashev, N.S.
Abstract: The limiting value of intensity for synchrotron emission determined by its reabsorption and the self Compton scattering catastrophe (KelPau limit) is of fundamental significance for models of radio sources. This limit for relativistic electrons (1012 K) has been confirmed by many observations. Practically, we observe this value in many nuclear regions of AGNs. But also for many extragalactic radio sources, whose nuclei are unresolved by Earth VLBI, we expect a much higher brightness temperature. Some new results of the KelPau model, particularly the strong synchrotron emission of relativistic protons and the higher intensity determined by proton KelPau limit, will be important. Such emission is expected in the nearest to super massive black hole regions, corresponding to the cosmic rays acceleration regions, and this is the prospect for future Space VLBI explorations.
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