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Paper: Are Convective Dynamos Responsible for the Minimum X-ray Fluxes Observed in the Sun and Late-Type Main Sequence Stars?
Volume: 354, Solar MHD Theory and Observations: A High Spatial Resolution Perspective
Page: 127
Authors: Bercik, D.J.; Fisher, G.H.; Johns-Krull, C.M.; Abbett, W.P.; Lundquist, L.L.
Abstract: We extend the investigation of Bercik et al. (2005) to the case of a non-rotating solar-type reference star. Using three-dimensional numerical simulations of a turbulent dynamo driven by convection and the empirical relationship of Pevtsov et al. (2003), we predict the level of X-ray emission from such a convective turbulent dynamo, and find that our results are consistent with quiet Sun observations. This implies that it is plausible that the Sun may have a rotation-independent convective dynamo working together with the large-scale dynamo believed to be responsible for the solar cycle.
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