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Paper: Magnetohelioseismic Analysis of AR10720 Using Helioseismic Holography
Volume: 354, Solar MHD Theory and Observations: A High Spatial Resolution Perspective
Page: 168
Authors: Moradi, H.; Donea, A.; Besliu-Ionescu, D.; Cally, P.; Lindsey, C.; Leka, K.
Abstract: We report on the recent discovery of one of the most powerful sunquakes detected to date produced by the January 15, 2005 X1.2 solar flare in active region 10720. We used helioseismic holography to image the acoustic source of the seismic waves produced by the flare. Egression power maps at 6 mHz with a 2 mHz bandwidth reveal a strong, compact acoustic source correlated with the footpoints of a coronal loop that hosted the flare. Using data from various solar observatories, we present a comprehensive analysis of the acoustic properties of the sunquake and investigate the role played by the configuration of the photospehric magnetic field in the production of flare generated sunquakes.
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