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Paper: Current Status of the Hot White Dwarf Luminosity Function and non-DA to DA Ratio from SDSS Data
Volume: 509, 20th European Workshop on White Dwarfs (EuroWD16)
Page: 65
Authors: Krzesinski, J.; Stachowski, G.
Abstract: Recent advances in the determination of the hot white dwarf (WD) luminosity function have reached the point where we have good agreement between the observed and theoretical DA and non-DA LFs for WDs from SDSS DR4. The main progress in calculation of the DA LF was obtained when the WD sample was restricted to only carbon-oxygen core WDs. However, one remaining effect which could influence the LF and the non-DA to DA ratio is the difference in visibility of helium- and hydrogen-atmosphere WDs in a magnitude-limited sample. In this work we explore this effect for the SDSS g filter as a function of effective temperature, as well as make an attempt to evaluate data relevant to the WD sample and LFs from more recent data releases of the SDSS.
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