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Paper: Signature of the Core Stratification in Pulsating White Dwarfs and Tests of Seismic Inversion
Volume: 509, 20th European Workshop on White Dwarfs (EuroWD16)
Page: 275
Authors: Charpinet, S.; Giammichele, N.; Brassard, P.; Fontaine, G.
Abstract: We discuss and illustrate how the C/O stratification in the core of white dwarf stars affects their g-mode pulsation spectrum. This effect, mostly occurring through the interplay of partial wave reflection (mode trapping), leaves a subtle but detectable signature, in particular with now available ultra high precision photometry from space, that could be exploited to infer the main structures in this stratification. We provide tests demonstrating that asteroseismology can indeed be used, in some cases, to probe the innermost composition stratification of pulsating white dwarfs. This brings interesting prospects to constrain the core chemical stratification inherited from previous evolutionary phases, which is one of the most uncertain aspect of white dwarf internal structure.
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