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Paper: Observations of the Solar Chromosphere
Volume: 354, Solar MHD Theory and Observations: A High Spatial Resolution Perspective
Page: 259
Authors: Judge, P.
Abstract: I summarize observational properties of the solar chromosphere with emphasis on some of Bob Stein's continuing interests, with an historical slant. Bob's interests always concern basic physical processes, so I try to identify some basic facts about the chromosphere from the myriads of observations from radio to UV wavelengths. The observations suggest a simple demarcation between the “low” chromosphere and “high” chromosphere which depends on the local plasma-β. Relatively simple properties are exhibited in high-β regions (hydrostatic equilibrium, three-minute compressive oscillations), and obviously complex thermal properties of the “fine structure” observed for many decades, arise in low-β chromospheric regions. The latter appears to share properties more in common with the intermingled lower corona, where the energetically dominant magnetic structure is arguably simpler than the high-&946; regions. But like the coronal heating problem, the thermal structure of the upper chromosphere is far more complex and is manifested as fine structure.
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