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Paper: A First Three-Dimensional Model for the Carbon Monoxide Concentration in the Solar Atmosphere
Volume: 354, Solar MHD Theory and Observations: A High Spatial Resolution Perspective
Page: 301
Authors: Wedemeyer-Boehm, S.; Kamp, I.; Freytag, B.; Bruls, J.; Steffen, M.
Abstract: The time-dependent and self-consistent treatment of carbon monoxide (CO) has been added to the radiation chemo-hydrodynamics code CO5BOLD. It includes the solution of a chemical reaction network and the advection of the resulting particle densities with the hydrodynamic flow field. Here we present a first 3D simulation of the non-magnetic solar photosphere and low chromosphere, calculated with the upgraded code. In the resulting model, the highest amount of CO is located in the cool regions of the reversed granulation pattern in the middle photosphere. A large fraction of carbon is bound by CO throughout the chromosphere with exception of hot shock waves where the CO concentration is strongly reduced. The distribution of carbon monoxide is very inhomogeneous due to co-existing regions of hot and cool gas caused by the hydrodynamic flow. High-resolution observations of CO could thus provide important constraints for the thermal structure of the solar photosphere and chromosphere.
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