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Paper: Charged particle measurements in the Saturnian magnetosphere during the Cassini era 2004-2017
Volume: 513, Serendipities in the Solar System and Beyond
Page: 163
Authors: Krupp, N.; Roussos, E.; Mitchell, D. G.; Kollmann, P.; Dougherty, M. K.
Abstract: Prof. Wing Ip together with Prof. Toby Owen and Prof. Daniel Gautier came up with the idea to investigate Saturn and its environment which finally became the mission Cassini to Saturn. The Cassini spacecraft explored the environment of Saturn, its atmosphere, rings, moons, and its magnetosphere between 2004 and 2017 and revolutionized the understanding of the system of the ringed planet. One the the science goals of the mission was to study the Saturnian magnetosphere and its interaction with the planet, moons, and rings of the system. This chapter will summrize the major findings in the magnetosphere and will show the first results of the final phase of the mission in 2016/2017 when Cassini explored for the first time the innermost region between the rings and the planet. We concentrate on charged and neutral particle measurements of the Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument MIMI and the results of the magnetometer instrument MAG onboard the spacecraft. The contents of this chapter has been presented during the colloquium "Serendipities in the Solar System and Beyond", at the National Central University, Taiwan in honor to Prof. Wing Ip's 70th birthday.
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