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Paper: Spectra with Hα emission lines from LAMOST Galactic Survey
Volume: 513, Serendipities in the Solar System and Beyond
Page: 229
Authors: Luo, A.-L.; Hou, W.; Ip, W.-H.; Chang, H.-Y.
Abstract: We review some results of studies on spectra with Hα emission lines from LAMOST survey. According to the published works, several types of objects whose spectra exhibit Hα emission lines have been investigated using LAMOST data. To sum up, there are mainly four kinds of objects which include early–type stars, late–type stars, planetary nebulae and H II regions. Here we briefly introduce the background of each type of emission–line objects and collect all the articles being devoted to the investigation of emission–lines objects based on LAMOST data. In each work, the samples of each type are provided and the corresponding properties are discussed more or less.
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