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Paper: The Timing Relationship of Stellar Superflares and Positions of The Star Spots
Volume: 513, Serendipities in the Solar System and Beyond
Page: 287
Authors: Hou, W.-J.; Chang, H.-Y.; Lin, C.-L.; Ip, W.-H.
Abstract: In the observations of the Sun, the magnetic activities such as flares and spots on have been discovered. The G-types stars have similar size, mass, temperature to our Sun, most of them have flare even 'superflare' phenomenon. We selected the 73 G-type star Kepler light curves from Wu et al. (2015), and defined the rotation phase of the stellar rotation to investigate the relation between superflare frequency and star spots position. We removed the double peak features on the rotation phase, which are caused by multi-spot case with different rotation. We adopted 2426 superflares and plot histograms. We found the relationship that there are more flare occurred around not only near spot group but opposite to the spot group.
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