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Paper: A Study of Stellar Gyrochronology by Using the PTF, LAMOST and Kepler K2 Data
Volume: 513, Serendipities in the Solar System and Beyond
Page: 293
Authors: Lin, C.-L.; Chang, H.-Y.; Huang, L.-C.; Yu, C.-H.; Yu, P.-C.; Hou, W.-J.; Ip, W.-H.
Abstract: Chang et al. 2016 showed that flare activities of the M dwarfs correlates with their corresponding chromospheric Hα emission by analyzing the LAMOST and Kepler K1 data. Stars with rotation periods shorter than 20 hours usually exhibit enhanced Hα emission and frequent occurrence of large flare events. To make a further understanding, we have initiated a project to estimate the Hα emission strength of M dwarfs using the Palomar Transient Factory (PTF) data archive and cross-correlating with LAMOST spectra. We have found a considerable amount of M dwarfs which are all included in the PTF Hα data archive and K2 catalog in some Campaigns of K2. We examine that if the PTF Hα photometric measurements can yield similar results as obtained in medium resolution spectral observations. Some interesting relationship between the equivalent width of Hα emission and Hα excess have been found.
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