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Paper: Helioseismic Tests of Stellar Equations of State and Opacities
Volume: 515, Workshop on Astrophysical Opacities
Page: 13
Authors: Basu, S.
Abstract: Helioseismology has allowed us to determine the structure and dynamics of the Sun to an unprecedented accuracy and precision. This allows us to test different solar models against the Sun and determine which model is a good representation of the Sun and which is not. By comparing models constructed with different physics inputs, we can use the Sun as a laboratory to test the physics of stellar material. Two important inputs for stellar models are the equation of state and the radiative opacities. Given our inability to measure these quantities under conditions present in stellar interiors, both are obtained as a result of complex calculations. Helioseismic analyses provide us a way to test these inputs, albeit in a somewhat limited sense. In this article I describe these tests and some of the insights obtained.
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