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Paper: Including All the Lines: Data Releases for Spectra and Opacities through 2017
Volume: 515, Workshop on Astrophysical Opacities
Page: 47
Authors: Kurucz, R. L.
Abstract: I present a progress report on including all the lines in the line lists, including all the lines in the opacities, and including all the lines in the model atmosphere and spectrum synthesis calculations. The increased opacity will improve stellar atmosphere, pulsation, stellar interior, asteroseismology, nova, supernova, and other radiation-hydrodynamics calculations. At present I have produced atomic line data for computing opacities for 850 million lines for elements up to Zn and for the 4d elements from Sr through Pd. Of these, 2.31 million lines are between known energy levels, so they have good wavelengths for computing spectra. Work is continuing on Ga to Rb and on heavier elements. Data for each ion and merged line lists are available on my website
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