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Paper: Recalculation of Astrophysical Opacities: Overview, Methodology, and Atomic Calculations
Volume: 515, Workshop on Astrophysical Opacities
Page: 79
Authors: Pradhan, A. K.; Sultana N. N.
Abstract: We present a review of a renewed effort to recalculate astrophysical opacities using the R-Matrix method, describing the computational methods and new extensions. Resulting enhancements relative to the Opacity Project found in test calculations under stellar interior conditions could potentially lead to the solution of the solar abundance problem, as well as the discrepancies between recent experimental measurements at the Sandia Z-pinch inertial confinement fusion device and theoretical opacity models. Outstanding issues also discussed are: (i) accuracy, convergence, and completeness of atomic calculations; (ii) improvements in the equation of state of high-temperature-density plasmas; (iii) redistribution of resonant oscillator strength in the bound–free continuum, and (iv) plasma broadening of autoionizing resonances.
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