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Paper: The Los Alamos National Laboratory Molecular Opacity Project and the Photodissociation Isotopic Effects of H2+ and D2+
Volume: 515, Workshop on Astrophysical Opacities
Page: 145
Authors: Zammit, M. C.; Savage, J. S.; Colgan, J.; Fursa, D. V.; Bray, I.; Leiding, J.; Nisoli, C.; Fontes, C. J.; Kilcrease, D. P.; Hakel, P.; Timmermans, E.
Abstract: The calculation of hot planetary atmosphere-like opacities are of fundamental importance in the modeling of radiation transport, energy deposition, heating rates, and hydrodynamic simulations. We summarize the Los Alamos National Laboratory molecular opacity efforts in these research areas, and introduce new codes currently under development to calculate molecular opacities. We also present some preliminary results of one of these codes, and investigate the isotopic effects of H2+ and its isotopologue D2+. We find a large isotopic effect for the state-resolved photodissociation PD cross sections and the LTE-averaged PD cross section at low material temperatures. Below the material temperature of Tmat2000 K, we show that isotopic effects should be taken into account to obtain LTE-averaged PD cross sections accurate to better than ≈10–20%.
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