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Paper: The Role of Opacities in Stellar Pulsation
Volume: 515, Workshop on Astrophysical Opacities
Page: 189
Authors: Kanbur, S. M.; Marconi, M.; Bhardwaj, A.; Kundu, R.; Singh, H. P.
Abstract: We examine the role of opacities in stellar pulsation with reference to Cepheids and RR Lyraes, and examine the effect of augmented opacities on the theoretical pulsation light curves in key temperature ranges. The temperature ranges are provided by recent experimental and theoretical works that have suggested that the iron opacities have been considerably underestimated. For Cepheids, we find that the augmented opacities have noticeable effects in certain period ranges (around logP ≈1) even though there is a degeneracy with mixing length. We also find significant effects in theoretical models of B-star pulsators.
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