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Paper: The Spitzer View of M101: Preliminary Results
Volume: 357, The Spitzer Space Telescope: New Views of the Cosmos
Page: 188
Authors: Gordon, K.D.; Rieke, G.; Engelbracht, C.; Kennicutt, R.C. Jr.; Hinz, J.; Perez-Gonzalez, P.; Misselt, K.; Smith, J.D.T.
Abstract: New Spitzer images of M101 from 3.5 to 160 μm are presented. Preliminary analysis focusing on the dependence of the infrared spectral energy distribution of HII regions as a function of metallicity finds that the mid-infrared PAH features become weak or absent between metallicities of 8.5 and 8.1. There is also a trend towards hotter dust temperature as metallicity decreases.
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