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Paper: The Spitzer Massive Lensing Cluster Survey
Volume: 357, The Spitzer Space Telescope: New Views of the Cosmos
Page: 242
Authors: Egami, E.; Rieke, G.H.; Rigby, J.R.; Papovich, C.; Kneib, J.-P.; Smith, G.P.; Le Floc'h, E.; Misselt, K.A.; Perez-Gonzalez, P.G.; Huang, J.-S.; Dole, H.; Frayer, D.T.
Abstract: We are currently undertaking a Spitzer GTO program to image ∼ 30 massive lensing clusters at moderate redshift with both IRAC and MIPS. By taking advantage of the gravitatinoal lensing power of these clusters, we will study the population of faint galaxies that are below the nominal Spitzer detection limits. Here, we present a few examples of our science programs.
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