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Paper: The IR Properties of Interacting and Merging Galaxies to z = 1.3
Volume: 357, The Spitzer Space Telescope: New Views of the Cosmos
Page: 250
Authors: Appleton, P.N.; Armus, L.; Fadda, D.; Marleau, F.; the FLS Team
Abstract: We attempt to understand the role of collisions and mergers on the IR-bright galaxy population since a redshift of ∼1.5, where the median star formation rate is falling the most rapidly. Using over a thousand 24μm sources from the Extragalactic First Look Survey contained with 50 HST/ACS fields, we classify their morphologies using both the CAS automated method, and a subjective “human inspection” method. We conclude that out to z = 1.5, both the 24μm luminosity and the 24/6.8μm color is not strongly coupled to CAS morphology or merger state. Dusty AGN, on the other hand, seem both more luminous and more symmetrical than star formation-dominated systems.
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