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Paper: The AGILE Gamma-Ray Legacy Archive and the User-Friendly AGILE-LV3 Web Tool Integrated in the ASI-SSDC MWL Environment
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 33
Authors: Lucarelli, F.; Pittori, C.
Abstract: The retrieval and the analysis of the AGILE data, a space mission dedicated to the observation of high-energy astrophysical sources of γ-rays, might be very time-consuming, in particular for deep analyses that cover all or a large part of the public data archive, spanning more that 12 years. In order to speed up this process, a high-level archive of AGILEscientific maps (counts, exposure and γ-ray diffuse background maps), ready to be analysed, was created. This archive, called the AGILE Level-3 (LV3) archive, can be used as seed for “user-friendly” and fast scientific on-line analyses of steady and transient γ-ray sources. Based on the AGILE-LV3 scientific data archive, an interactive analysis web tool, the AGILE-LV3 tool, has been developed at the AGILE Data Center, hosted within the ASI Space Science Data Center (SSDC). This online tool, fully integrated in the SSDC multi-wavelength (MWL) environment, allows to perform scientific analyses (source detections and light curves) on different time scales in a very reduced amount of time. In what follows, we will describe the AGILE web tool and its scientific potentiality within the MWL SSDC framework.
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