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Paper: Space-Time Coverage in the VO Registry
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 65
Authors: Demleitner, M.
Abstract: With VODataService 1.2, service providers in the Virtual Observatory (VO) have a reasonably straightforward way to declare where in space, time, and spectrum the data within a resource (i.e., service or data collection) lie. Here, we discuss the the mechanism and design choices, current limitations (e.g., regarding non-electromagnetic or solar system resources) as well as ways to overcome them. We also show how users and clients can already run queries against resoure coverage using a scheme that is exprected to become part of RegTAP 1.2 (or a separate standard). We conclude with an ardent plea to all resource creators to provide STC metadata — only wide adoption will make this facility useful.
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