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Paper: DOI Registration for Catalogues Published in VizieR
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 89
Authors: Landais, G.; Schaaff, A.; Brouty, M.; Lesteven, S.; Ocvirk, P.; Perret, E.; Pouvreau, T.; Vannier, P.
Abstract: In order to improve the visibity of the data published by authors, VizieR is now able to attribute DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to its catalogues. DOI is henceforth a part of the open data landscape in science. This standard is used as a sustainable identification by editors and scientific journals and contributes to facilitate citation and data reusability. There are journals for which data like tables, spectra or images are available in open access only through the VizieR catalogue service. In particular, the data associated to the A&A journal. We expose how VizieR introduced the DOI workflow and show the opportunities they could open up. DOIs, by including meta-data are indeed more relevant than classical identifiers. They include the data access in an architecture designed to the web navigation and enable cross references useful for discovery and data citation.
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