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Paper: A Catalogue of Galactic Globular Cluster Catalogues
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 97
Authors: Halbesma, T.; Balbinot, E.
Abstract: We present a new community driven catalogue of the global properties of globular clusters. The ultimate goal is to supplement the popular Harris catalogue with more recently discovered globular clusters (GCs), as well as to include additional properties that were previously unavailable. This presents a challenge because the data sources are heterogeneous and GCs as well as parameters have to be cross-matched. Our database is implemented using the Python web framework ‘Django’, and all data can be retrieved through an application programmable interface (API). In addition, we have implemented an API client as Python package available through PyPI. We use AstroPy standard methods and units as often as possible, in order to comply with other community efforts. We discuss the future of this project and how we will proceed to allow users to add, edit, and help maintain this database.
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