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Paper: ARTEMIX and YAFITS: Remote Viewer Experiments
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 113
Authors: Salomé, P.; Caillat, M.; Moreau, N.; Ba, Y.–A.
Abstract: ARTEMIX — The access to astronomical data has never been so simple for our community. From a technical side, it is however more and more difficult. The size and the number of the current and future data-sets raise the question of the best way for astronomers to visualise and to analyse archived observations. The increasing speed of network communications and the much powerful computing capacities of dedicated servers as compared to personal machines naturally question the choice of centralised data-center with remote (client-server) tools versus individual and local softwares. The advent of cloud-based services has already taken over for editing (i.e. overleaf, sharelatex, …) or scripting (jupyter-notebooks). We present here ARTEMIX: an experiment of a service based on the World Wide Web to explore the ALMA scientific data products (cubes in FITS-format): select a data-set, visualize its content and perform some fundamental measurements. We also introduce YAFITS (10.5281/zenodo.3696974): its standalone and generalised version, running inside Docker. The strength of these tools is to let the user directly manipulate and display on-line the FITS content without any local resource, other than a simple browser (no download, no local software).
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