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Paper: IVOA Data Curation and Preservation IG Effort Concerning DOIs in Astronomy
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 117
Authors: Schaaff, A.; D'Abrusco, R.; Jenness, T.; Landais, G.; Muench, A.; Raugh, A. C.; Rots, A.; Schade, D.
Abstract: The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) Data Curation and Preservation Interest Group (DCP) aims at sharing best practices and engaging IVOA member projects in the long-term curation and preservation of astronomical data. A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) identifies sustainable resources and opens new possibilities for data citation, indexing, cross-referencing, and data access. In the global landscape, DOIs can be viewed as an architecture linking resources at different levels of granularity and published by different data centers. A survey about experiments in this area was also conducted within the IVOA community. We have written an IVOA Note and we give in this paper a quick overview of this effort by referring to the State of the Art, to examples in astronomy and to the discussions we had during the recent IVOA meetings and in the Note editorial team. The Note aims at providing information and best practices to the astronomical community on the use of DOIs to cite datasets.
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