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Paper: Control any Telescope with Firefly Visualization Tool and Machine Learning
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 151
Authors: Joliet, E.
Abstract: Caltech/IPAC Firefly astronomical visualization software was used as a Python client to control the pointing of a telescope. During the Caltech Astroinformatics 2019 Hackathon, I worked on a project proposed by Alberto Krone-Martins and came up with the idea to extend the project using Firefly as a feature-rich visualization tool to enhance the observing experience. The original hackathon project idea was about improving and making the autonomous telescope and satellite control pointing more accurate using machine learning from a training set of a few images to eliminate the 'noise' coming from the control system. Once the control loop is complete and working, the observer could use Firefly to select the target and activate the telescope control system to accurately point to the sky and make the observation. The poster will explain the concepts and walk through each of the building blocks required to put together such a system using docker and Python. The resulting software stack can be found here:
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